MarGrad is your turnkey, external B2C marketing team for planning and executing direct-to-consumer (DTC), subscription and e-commerce initiatives. From business planning and demand generation to technology and fulfillment operations management, we deliver solutions that enhance your success.




We help companies plan, build, manage and optimize top, middle and bottom of funnel programs to promote products and services directly to consumers through online direct response channels (search, display, social, etc) as well as direct mail and other traditional offline channels.



From startups to many of the best-known and most successful subscription brands, we have supported the unique needs of continuity marketers, from business planning/forecasting and attrition modeling to conceptualizing and executing marketing programs.



We’ve successfully managed our own ecommerce store for Amora coffee, plus set up and/or grown online shops for numerous others and can do the same for you. We also provide practical strategies and tactics to better leverage the Shopify and Amazon platforms to grow your online business.



We help clients plan and evolve or build their technology stack to support the growth of their DTC or subscription business. Further, we offer deep, hands-on knowledge of subscription engines such as Recharge, OrderGroove, Advantage,, ChargeBee, Recurly, Zuora, Skio, Bold and more.



From negotiating shipping rates to reduce costs to creating a high-touch customer experience to enhance your brand, we can help you overcome specific challenges and/or enhance fulfillment operations to better meet your overall goals.



MarGrad was inspired by the Greek name for pearl. According to both history and myth, pearls symbolize wisdom gained through experience and are believed to bring calm, protection, good luck and wealth. They are also symbolic of HELPING with empathy and affection with a quick and discerning mind especially during times of crisis and eminent change. That perfectly matches with our mission at MarGrad – to help our clients with honesty, integrity and generosity to protect and bring them their deserved wealth with an extreme focus on sense of urgency.


MarGrad was founded in 2020 by Jim Fosina and Marina DiDomenico to bring their hands-on managerial experience building successful DTC brands to help companies meet their growth goals.


Prior, they co-founded Amora Coffee – a DTC provider of fresh-roasted gourmet coffee and organic teas on a subscription basis. Under their leadership for 12 years, Amora acquired over one million subscribing customers.


Jim was also founder and CEO of the leading digital continuity marketing agency Fosina Marketing Group. Together with Marina as EVP/COO, they helped leading brands like Kraft Foods, Nestle, AARP, AMC, Disney, Hearst and many more achieve their sales growth goals in the highly competitive direct-to-consumer marketplace. They led that company through successful acquisition by Digital Media Solutions in 2018.